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The rules of billiards
Craps is surprisingly straightforward to play, despite the apparent complexity of the craps table configuration and wagering terminology. This is elaborated upon in our guide on how to play craps. However, if you are immediately prepared to begin playing online craps for real money, this comprehensive guide will cover the fundamental aspects:

  1. Locate a table
    Select a craps game at one of the online casinos we suggest, then proceed to join the table.
  2. Betting commences
    While there are several wagering alternatives available when playing craps online, Pass line/Don’t Pass is the most common.
  3. Pluck dice
    The initial roll is referred to as the come-out roll, and it establishes the point total or determines whether you win or lose your wager (more on this below).
  4. Continue filming
    In the absence of a come-out triumph or loss, wagering and rolling will continue until a seven or the identical point value appears.
  5. The round concludes
    The round concludes when the point total is rolled (a Pass Line victory) or a 7 is rolled (a Don’t Pass win); thereafter, the procedure is repeated.

The point totals and come-out rolls
Further, we shall dissect the wagering and rolling aspects of the game. An online casino craps game consists of two distinct phases: the point phase and the come-out throw phase.

Outcome roll
An actual cash craps game commences with the come-out roll phase. Your responsibility at the craps table is to place a pass or don’t pass wager. There is a shooter (the player who throws the dice) in each craps game. During this phase, the shooter attempts to roll a 7 or 11. In the event that those numbers are rolled, Pass Line wagers are successful. However, the game ends when a 2, 3, or 12 falls, and a new shooter assumes control. However, in the event that an alternative number occurs, it shall serve as the point total for the contest.

Attainment of phase

To win Pass Line wagers during the point phase, the shooter must roll that number prior to rolling a 7. If they achieve a 7, pass line wagers are lost. On the contrary, wagers placed on the Don’t Pass Line result in a triumph.

It may be surprising to learn that the following are essentially the sole regulations required to engage in real money craps online. An absolute novice is not obligated to place bets on any other options. Ever. Proceeding forward is contingent upon your comprehension of this fundamental principle.

Undoubtedly, an examination of the online craps table reveals that there are an abundance of wagering options. See our section on backgammon regulations for further details.






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